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Landscape lighting zone control

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Your landscape lighting system is regulated at the macro level by a power transformer, which offers various control options such as time settings, photo cell control, or astronomical control. Typically, the lighting system is programmed to turn on at dusk and switch off at a predetermined time, often around midnight.

This timetable has been the standard for low voltage lighting systems. However, there is an additional system that adds versatility to your lighting setup, known as a zone controlled system. With this system, individual sectors of your lighting system can be controlled independently, allowing for dimming, elimination of certain sectors, or control over individual lights.

Zone controlled systems are a relatively recent innovation in the lighting industry, providing enhanced flexibility to your lighting setup. They can be retrofitted into existing lighting systems or seamlessly integrated into an Outdoor Lighting Plan for your property. Zone features in an outdoor lighting system can be manipulated to enhance lighting in specific areas, eliminate or reduce illumination in certain sections, and control individual lights.

Consider the following features that can benefit from the versatility of zone controlled lighting:

Pergolas: Pergolas are a popular feature in landscaped yards, and various light fixtures can be used to accentuate their structure. Down lights are particularly favored for pergolas, as they can be adjusted to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere for guests.

Fire Pit Area: When the fire pit is inactive, full lighting can enhance this popular yard feature. However, when the fire pit is in use and a cozy campfire ambiance is desired, certain lights or even entire sectors can be dimmed or turned off, allowing the fire to become the focal point.

Security Lighting: During quiet nighttime hours when your family is peacefully resting indoors, security lighting can be increased or adjusted individually according to specific needs and desired intensity.

Water Features: Whether it’s a pond, stream, or waterfall, zone controlled lighting offers the versatility to enhance, reduce, or eliminate lighting effects for various visual impacts. By reducing reflections on the water’s surface, adding depth to a waterfall with backlights, or using submerged lights in a stream bed, you can infuse energy into your water feature.

Putting Green: Adequate lighting is essential when using the putting green, but when it’s not in use, the lighting can be reduced or turned off completely.

Overall System Control: Many individuals opt to enjoy their lighting at full intensity from sunset until 10:30 PM and then dim their LED lighting systems to 50% throughout the night until sunrise, providing added security and peace of mind.

These examples represent just a fraction of the features that can be enhanced using zone controlled lighting. In addition to entertaining your family and guests, this system offers the added benefits of reducing energy usage, lowering costs, and addressing sustainability concerns.

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