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Arbors and trellises are distinct garden structures.

Arbors are inviting passages, often found at the entrance of a garden or to mark transitions between one part of a garden to another. Meanwhile, trellises primarily serve as functional supports for climbing plants, aiding in vertical growth and providing privacy or decorative vertical elements within the landscape.

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Beyond mere allure, an arbor offers multifaceted functionality. It can serve as a shield against unwanted views, divide the garden into distinct zones, provide shade, support climbing plants, and contribute architectural charm and style.

Positioned strategically, at an entrance or along a pathway, an arbor signals a journey, encouraging movement and exploration. They can be paired with benches and used as stopping spots along a marked path forcing you to stop and enjoy the view.

An arbor comprises paired posts bridged by a crossbeam or assembly. Ranging in scale from narrow doorways to small-house lengths, arbors often feature variations such as trellises flanking posts, arched tops, or swinging gates.

Adding a gate intensifies their allure, pulling visitors into an experiential journey through the garden.


Trellises are simple, cost-effective, and versatile garden structures. They primarily support plants while contributing to privacy.

Trellises harmonize effortlessly with larger structures like arbors, fences, or pergolas, serving as supportive elements. Despite their modest size, trellises enable various visual effects within a garden. They can introduce height, conceal unsightly views, define borders, break up solid walls, camouflage unappealing surfaces, and provide shelter and shade as freestanding structures.

These unassuming structures offer a canvas for creativity. Whether small or large, trellises find utility in diverse forms and materials. From simple, diminutive versions crafted from lumber to elaborate fences spanning entire yards, you are only limited by imagination.

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