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Well, I have been asked, “Mr. Organix, what decomposed granite options are there?”

Decomposed granite is a versatile and cost-effective paving gravel. It comes in a range of colors that add a rustic and oriental charm to your outdoor oasis. 

Apart from the color options, decomposed granite types can be classified as follows;

  • Raw/Loose DG: This is raw DG with no chemicals or additives. It is the least expensive option. You can lay it down on a base rock layer, compact it, and voila! You got yourself a stable pathway, driveway, or entertainment area. It can even be used as mulch or as edging around fire pits. The best part is that it’s permeable, so it is free draining.
  • Stabilized DG: This is decomposed granite with a binding agent added in. It’s dust-free, doesn’t get slushy, and is low maintenance, perfect for high-foot traffic walkways, driveways, and patios. However, it is still considered semi-permeable. You can get the stabilizer pre-mixed into the aggregate or you could spray it on the surface using a sprayer or watering can.
  • Resin-coated DG (poly pavement): This is DG with a resin, oil, enzyme, or wax-polymer binder added in. Once it’s spread and compacted, it forms a hard impervious surface akin to asphalt or concrete. It’s the most expensive and most durable type of DG.

There you have it folks!

George Gitau

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