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The number of light fixtures needed to fully illuminate an outdoor space is not always straightforward. The number of landscape lighting fixtures varies for each nightscape.

To calculate how many landscape lights you need, several factors should be considered. The key lies in looking at the scene to be illuminated and the features you wish to highlight. Identify the features that look best during the day and that you want to bring attention to at night. The lighting should bring out the beauty of the space and be functional. Task or functional lighting focuses on practicality and safety. Lighting entryways, pathways, and other areas provides functional lighting for visibility and security while still being aesthetically pleasing.

With this, think about the ambiance you wish to create. For instance, moonlighting creates an inviting atmosphere for a patio or terrace. Consequently, if your koi pond is of special significance, underwater pond lighting can create a captivating scene.

Instead of fixating on the number of fixtures, focus on the scene and the atmosphere you wish to create. The number of luminaires also depends on the size of the garden, the features you wish to highlight, and safety considerations. Larger spaces may require more lamps to achieve the desired effect. A single property can incorporate multiple layers of lighting.

Be sure not to use too many fixtures so that the scene appears overly bright. In addition, too few fixtures create too many gaps in your lighting.

Work with a lighting professional. With their expertise in outdoor lighting, they can provide you with insights into customizing your space and various lighting techniques for a successful lighting design.

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