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Luminous flux and luminous intensity are terms used to describe the brightness of a light source.

Luminous Flux:

Luminous flux, measured in lumens, describes the total power of a light source in all directions.

In simple terms, luminous flux paints a comprehensive picture of how much light a source emits. The higher the lumens, the more radiant and intense the light appears to the human eye.

Luminous Intensity:

Meanwhile, luminous intensity, measured in Candelas (Cd), describes the intensity of light measured in a particular direction from the source (point source).

Imagine a spotlight—luminous intensity precisely captures the focused brightness emitted in a specific direction. As you adjust the beam width, the luminous flux remains constant. However, the luminous intensity fluctuates as the beam widens or narrows.

In essence, Luminous flux embodies the entirety of emitted light, akin to the total energy output, while luminous intensity narrows in on a specific directional output.

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