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Greetings! Welcome to our guide on decomposed granite cost.

Decomposed granite cost can vary, ranging between $50 to $100 per cubic yard, depending on the type, quantity, and where you source it from. Buying in bulk is your best bet for a good price. Expect to pay more for stabilized or resin-coated decomposed granite. Prices can range from $80 to $200 per cubic yard of stabilized material.

The cheaper alternative is to buy the stabilizer and mix it in yourself. A 50-pound bag of powdered stabilizer costs around $150. This should be enough to blend with 2 to 5 cubic yards of DG. 

When it comes to hauling the stuff, that cost is determined by where the supplier or gravel pit is located and varies by region or state. On average, you can expect to pay $10 per mile but some companies may offer free delivery for bulk orders usually if the site is less than 5 miles from the mine.

You also have to factor in added costs such as delivery fees and installation costs (if you hire out the job). If you’re handy, you could save a pretty penny. But you will need equipment like a wheelbarrow, landscape fabric, edging material, rented plate compactor, drum roller, or hand tamper, among others. All these costs can quickly add up.

But for the most accurate quote, contact a local rock supplier, quarry, or landscape contractor.

There you have it Folks. Until next time!

George Gitau

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