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Well, greetings there! Welcome to our guide on decomposed granite uses.

Decomposed granite or DG for short, is a paving material made up of fines and rock chunks. This composition allows it to compact nice and firm, great for paving surfaces such as patios, driveways, pathways, trails, and play areas. It gives the space a natural and rustic look. It’s finer and smoother than crushed gravel

and comes in a range of colors from – buff, brown, rose, pink, gold, and blue. 

Types of DG

Now, there are three main types of decomposed granite available out there.

  • Loose DG: Great as a mulch around garden beds, paving patios, low-traffic garden paths, playgrounds, and bocce ball and baseball courts.
  • Stabilized DG: This one’s best for high-traffic pathways, driveways, and patios.
  • Resin-Coated DG: Perfect for vehicular traffic.

Uses of Decomposed Granite

1. Pathways

A decomposed granite (DG) pathway adds to the rustic look of an oriental garden and has a pleasant crunch underfoot.

2. Driveways

DG is excellent at creating flat, firm driveways, providing an inviting look entrance to your home.

3. Patio Paving

As a patio material, DG creates a textured and visually unified surface. Choose a color that complements other hardscape features, the house, and the style of the garden.

4. Garden Mulch

Raw DG is perfect as a garden bed mulch since it is free of chemicals and additives. Use it as a top dressing or to create a border around your garden bed. 

5. Artificial Turf Base

DG is an excellent bedding material for turf installation projects.

6. Play Area

DG can surface play areas, such as baseball fields, bocce ball courts, and children’s play areas. 

7. Water Feature Accents

DG is an excellent material for edging water features such as fountains and swimming pools. It can also be used for lining dry stream beds and filling the bottom of ponds.

8. Bedding for Flagstone or Pavers

DG can be used as a bed material for flagstone, brick, or precast concrete paving. 

9. Around Firepits

DG can surround an outdoor fire pit as a flame-proof material, providing a safe place for stray sparks to land.

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